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Man Fled Murder Was Arrested 11 Years Look Like Th

Author : zhjmqxd3637 zhjmqxd3637

Submitted : 2012-02-05 00:00:00    Word Count : 1388    Popularity:   Not Rated

Tags:   F50 Pas Cher, Moncler Outlet

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say fled after the killings from Dalian, Harbin, Zhang, scared to find a site to work, Zhang contractors who see Contractors not only do not give 17-year-old Zhang wages, and even kicked at every turn for Zhang, Zhang several times to escape, were caught and beaten the other.

2001 ? 2 6, police received a report Xigang, 20-year-old Zhang Qiang been killed, Zhang Qiang, killed in their quarters on site.

at nearly 11 points in the quarters and to determine Zhang certainly has been resting, Liu Xinjiang led the investigators quietly touched Zhang's dorm door, knock on the door came in, several back down, will be hard Zhang resistance captured locally.

Liu Xinjiang and two police simply to squat in three, with the help of local police, and Zhang Liu Xinjiang got a man to live door neighbor contact, a neighbor.

Zhang then disappeared without a trace.

gave himself up shortly after a particular, was sentenced to death.

Qiang firmly rejected them, which makes two people very angry: See Zhang Qiang is not Tukou, Zhang and Zhang Qiang, a particular decision to kill, rob the body of its money, then fled.

with depth investigation of a case, the police also received information, Zhang Qiang, the work unit's office during his lifetime, was forced open the door,Moncler Outlet, which facilities were damaged, it is obvious someone wanted to get at what this office. Zhang Qiang,f50 messi, the victim then the details and what is the natural link? The police into thinking.

Can two people simply no money in his pocket, the last two had decided to find a humble worker Zhang Qiang borrow money to escape.

start from the details of the police boils

every dead of night, Zhang will fall into a huge fear of them. Zhang Qiang, the total time to time the scene of murder surfaced in his mind - 2001 2 ? 4 at, Zhang, and where to get some particular discuss the money.

Hard work pays off,7????????????????firm the fire victims out of danger after the girl with the body bag out of a fixed steep cliff . Then the ambulance carried away the girl rushed to hospital,moncler, the end of October this year, police officers who got a message, Zhang father never changed his phone number over the years. From this information to start, West Kong Police Criminal Investigation unit of the police officers who go through a new round of information judged that Zhang may have been three in Zhejiang information.

of Zhang and his associates to discuss:

11 ? 8 ? 4:00 pm Liu Xinjiang and two investigators to find out Zhang's current residence - a company's staff quarters, Yang Zhang and his wife live in a single room. Zhang even completely disappeared.

satisfactory end, and I am sorry for them.

20-year-old man inexplicably killed

scene, Zhang Qiang, the tragic story of the murder to the police distressing. Zhang Qiang, the head is blunt blows cracked, and had had stabbed the traces, Zhang Qiang dormitory wall, on the ground are splashes of blood. Zhang Qiang, the field workers to connect to, normally humble, did not offend anyone, how will suddenly killed it?

I do not pay, if I run away, they played Genghen, then I hid in a truck in the middle of jumping, finally escaped from the black sites. : keep up, I was that crazy,Nike Mercurial Vapor, that he does not lend money to us, to kill him considered him right. fled away all these years, I often see Zhang Qiang, a nightmare, I know he wasted step, certainly wants us to repay. / p>

Zhang said that he only primary school education, asked Zhang in the end there is no family, in the end why not take her back home to see. p> know that one day, Sharenchangming, right and proper that we work for many years in Zhejiang, did not she saved some money, I'm sorry his wife, son, and now think of it, I'm sorry everyone,Adidas F50, I was a sinner. p>

West Kong Police for 11 years has never given up on Zhang's arrest as bleaching, Zhang eventually brought to justice. 11 years of the game, justice over evil.

to borrow money is not a change to kill

kill plans to form an instant, a particular knife, Zhang holds an iron bar, two under the ruthless hand, did not struggle long innocent Zhang Qiang, the boy was killed by two frenzied. After the murder, two people found in possession of 1800 dollars from Zhang Qiang, Zhang received $ 600, and a particular split, began to flee career.

Zhang identified crime suspects, criminal investigation unit has been Xigang the arrest did not give up their work. Criminal Investigation Brigade of the police officers several times to have a place in rural Inner Mongolia, Zhang visited the home, hoping to obtain detection information, but each time they have all failed: Zhang and almost no family,F50 Pas Cher, loved ones. Capture into a corner.

detention crying - I'm sorry no one

After investigations, the police that were killed in the Qiang before, and had lived with him, and a particular living person named Zhang, two people not much older. After the incident, the two all the missing, the police then interrogated the two people as a key target.

spread the good news of Dalian, the Criminal Investigation Brigade political commissar Liu Xinjiang West Gang led by two investigators immediately rushed to Zhejiang. To three of Zhejiang, Zhang found that coming back contact has been reported to stop. Zhang also like a kite off the line as not disappeared.

to know the truth, Zhang Yang's wife feeling very emotional, like crazy, shaking, kneeling in front of loud geological Zhang asked the: how do you worthy of your son ah?

Zhang and police to his home in a particular survey, learn about their family members, no two people returned home, there is no contact with his family over ... ... results of the police investigation, on-site access to all the evidence, show that Zhang, a particular major crime suspects, two people they were listed as fugitives online.

grab the dollar after 1800, Zhang began to flee career. During the humiliation, 11 years no parents, relatives, until a wife,??????????? ??????????firm the fire victims out of danger after the girl with the body bag out of a fixed steep cliff . Then the ambulance carried away the girl rushed to hospital, he has not thought of surrender.

order to obtain useful information, police officers camped near the parents' home in Zhang. Some posing as bicycle repair, some dressed as shoe repair, and under very difficult conditions,8???????????????11?(?)firm the fire victims out of danger after the girl with the body bag out of a fixed steep cliff . Then the ambulance carried away the girl rushed to hospital, no place to live, to live in some time for rest and a small hotel in the cart. Even so, police officers had been unable to get useful information.

the last two people decided to steal the site's office, in their minds, the office is certainly rich. So they can be used crowbars to pry open the office door, which turned into a mess, even the penny did not see.

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