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Blog Exposure Corrupt Police Chief For 11 Years Th

Author : xibvoywrx xibvoywrx

Submitted : 2012-02-06 00:00:00    Word Count : 1167    Popularity:   Not Rated

Tags:   louboutin, piumini moncle

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yesterday afternoon, Enshi Committee Propaganda Department official said the Morning Post correspondent: Enshi authorities have taken note of this group blog, Enshi Prefecture Public Security Bureau has initiated verification, result will be announced.

Although the net posts with BD, XF, ES and other letters instead of names, but according to the network software,moncler piumini, and Internet users think that the three were in Badong County, Xianfeng,Abercrombie and Fitch, Enshi (city), and the diary The owner is also locked to T.

15 o'clock yesterday, Enshi Committee Propaganda Department is responsible for a media correspondent interviewed staff member surnamed Tan said: Enshi official has noted This network software, and as of yesterday, the Enshi Public Security Bureau has launched a net posts authenticity verification, the verification result will be announced, but he said it takes time to verify and process.

Diary Part 1 (March 1999)

net posts are favorable, also encountered questions. Some netizens said that post The reason why people called years, microblogging has not yet boarded the stage of history. In this connection, to attract the eye.

net exposure 11 years of concerns in 2010.

diary: July 2005, ES prisoners to go out drinking with several guards and wounded others, T told pressed down, find someone drop the charges. p> T think they usually public events are more likely to be people with ulterior motives will compile the information linked together the story

and T denied to reporters yesterday wrote the diary, said the official rivals they may have been framed, the relevant information is publicly available information from the Internet.

Post reporters found that this group of 112 words a total of more than 21320 online diary, involving many details related news is consistent with, but the authenticity of the diary still ultimately found.

T transferred by BD XF County Public Security Bureau County administrator. diary summarizes the BD County seven years Here, in the interests of the people here have also fallen slowly here, the. wine, play a woman; and through the driver small,piumini moncler, a little something, just send me sending someone out, it is investment busy, the recent frequency of theft, security is getting worse.

last few diaries,doudoune moncler femme, T expressed concerns in 2010: T has been bribing the former party secretary Wu Xining ES, and Wu was in June this year, 600 million of First Instance of bribery jailed for 15 years, and / p>

verified, it's true: May 8, 2000, the former deputy director of Badong County Public Security Bureau Chang ink a petition to the county public security bureau to court; and the case does and T related to the specific content of the plot is also consistent with the diary.

However, the net post some of the content is consistent with the facts, such as: BD diary that the County Public Security Bureau deputy director Zhang actually reported on the County Public Security Bureau the court.

official response

next 97 diaries, 95% of the records are to eat,Doudoune Moncler, bribery, bullying help evil people, playing a woman and other corruption. Diary record: 11 years, with the official position with the desire to increase the expansion, T's growing appetite,louboutin, and even support for the Mafia forces,doudoune pyrenex, conniving million in cash; use of power, under the bed with a beautiful woman.

blog ( Summary)

of the Enshi Prefecture Public Security Bureau office staff of more than told the Post reporter, the council has taken note posted on the network, however, T has not yet been deputy director to take measures, The two staff members made it clear that: not yet started the investigation of T.

details of the match but the authenticity of unknown origin

not start

net exposure diary seems to be 2010 as a preferred means of anti-corruption network. Following the Han Feng (Guangxi guests former Tobacco Monopoly Bureau) Public Security Bureau Deputy Director of T,moncler, up to 11 years of

, T, said in an interview with reporters, net posts reflect the situation is not the fact that some people out of nothing, insult slander against him, I am also not sure who I might offend ordinary people, it may be in the official competition. The information compiled will be linked together the story.

another example: in July 2003, T so that his wife opened a Back in gang This plot and the news in 2004 Enshi consistent.

Morning Post correspondent in Pine

2 million words about the corruption of the road for 11 years the parties refer to Enshi, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau launched fabricated diary verification

Posted called Net posts show at 17:15 on November 12, he (she) in the End of the World Community released called March, T BD county by the county public security bureau director-transferred XF The first nine diaries only about work: bribery is the first time September 9, 1999. diary shows that in July 2003, T so that his wife opened a more and more under the trading must take precautions.

first 14 Diary (2000 Spring)

However, the study of alcohol equivalent to stack up may have 50,000 or so. , assured his own place. on the entertainment scene, more and more transactions under the desktop, and must take precautions. , bribery, bullying help evil people, playing a woman and other corrupt practices which,Moncler, by Tan T contract projects, sent 60 million, to please T, Qin also dedicated to his two female students looking for their Yin Yue ; T for promotion or the city had with the secretary of ES (ES users speculated that the original state of political-legal committee secretary Zeng Xiangguo, has been detained for interrogation) with prostitution,Coach Outlet, bribery to its 70 million, was finally transferred to the ES Municipal Public Security Bureau; and is the secretary, who by bribery had been transferred to the State Public Security Bureau deputy director for the ES.

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